Case Studies: Working to give you a better future

Financial theory is one thing. But the real benefit of our wealth management advice is making it work for your benefit and financial gain. Here are a few of our successful case studies.

Protecting your Pension: Individual Retirement Planning and Investment

Mr G had seven separate pension schemes totalling £700,000, but they were a disjointed combination of 'managed' funds.

Using specialist software analysis we consolidated these schemes into one SIPP (Self-invested Personal Pension) using a range of low-cost funds to provide a medium risk growth portfolio.

This reduced Mr G's charges, giving him a more efficient portfolio and greater flexibility. We also recommended further tax-efficient pension contributions.

Sharing our expertise: Working with other Professionals

We were introduced to Mr & Mrs S by their accountant. They had an extremely confusing and eclectic mix of insurance-based investments worth £450,000.

As a result the couple were receiving varying amounts of income and paying too much tax. We successfully restructured their portfolio to provide a low risk, stable long-term retirement income.

Treating you as an individual: Our Private Clients

Mr & Mrs G had tax issues. As a successful ex main board chairman, Mr G had chosen his bank's Private Client Department to manage his substantial portfolio. But their service was impersonal. And expensive!

We reviewed his holdings based around stock selection, charges, asset mix, his attitude to risk and historical returns. Working closely with Mr & Mrs G, we developed a unique strategy ideally suited to their needs, which we now manage.

Keeping you in control: Trustee advice

Making sure that our financial affairs are cared for according to our wishes is important to everyone.

We have worked with a number of individuals and law firms in finding practical solutions for power of attorney cases (POA), enduring power of attorney (EPA), lasting power of attorney (LPA) and trusts.

How can we help you?

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