The Secure Lifestyle Approach®

  • Using our Secure Lifestyle Calculator we build your Lifestyle Financial Plan based on your existing situation and requirements. Using sensible long term assumptions we can clearly show you how to achieve your goals.
  • As both Chartered and Certified Financial Planners we bring the experience and wisdom that comes from over 25 years in business. We aim to help you make whatever changes are required to secure your lifestyle and then make sure you stay on track. Our broad knowledge of the array of financial tools available allows us to structure your finances in a logical, tax efficient and easily understandable way.
  • We manage your pensions and investments using an approach that draws on decades of Nobel Prize winning, academic research called ‘Evidence Based Asset Management’.

The Secure Lifestyle Approach®: Our Unique Process

1. Insightful questions

It’s the quality of the questions we ask that determine the quality of the answers you give us. That’s why we take you through a series of powerful questions designed to help you clarify what’s most important in the next phase of your life.

2. Financial X-Ray

We help you look beneath the surface of your current investments and pensions to understand: - The total costs - The underlying investments you own - The risks and losses you are currently exposed to In our experience very few clients have a solid understanding of these things and it is costing them money. Did you know that simply saving 1% pa in investment costs could add more than £300,000? (over 25 years on an investment of £300,000 at an assumed compound growth rate of 6.5% net of charges versus 5.50% compound growth net of charges).

3. Secure Lifestyle Calculator

Our Secure Lifestyle Calculator lets you trial various decisions or scenarios and see their implications before you take action.

You get to test drive your new lifestyle and see clearly into the future.

4. Evidence based Asset Management

Our investment process is based on 60 years of Nobel Prize winning research. We believe that the results speak for themselves. We have a laser focus on reducing costs too which keep more of what you make in your pocket. Did you know that one of our typical model portfolios has annual management fees of 0.34%?

5. Pulling it all together

The above allows us to produce a set of ‘engineers drawings’, a blueprint – Working with us you will know the who, what, why, when and where of your strategy. You will be able to see for yourself what the future looks like.

6. Examine, review, modify and act

All aspects of our planning are subject to external pressures, be it market or lifestyle changes. It is essential that each year we gather fresh information, re-run the secure lifestyle calculator, review the findings, adjust our strategy and carry out any changes. Our clients feel that this is time worth spending for the peace of mind it gives them.

The Secure Lifestyle Approach® simply focuses on what is important to you and aims to maximise the chances that you’ll succeed. It’s a process devised to safely get you from A to B.

A is your current situation

B is the lifestyle you want to achieve and maintain

Further reading:

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How much is enough?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how much money you need to retire, achieve financial independence or simply do the things you want to do?

”The Secure Lifestyle Approach simply focuses on what’s important to you and aims to maximise the chances that you’ll succeed.”

Chris Hirsch, Partner