“Every client is unique. Our job is to help you achieve your personal ambitions.” Jason Lurie, Partner


Wealth management

We use The Secure Lifestyle Approach® to provide this holistic, professional service.

Investment advice

You’ve worked hard to build your wealth. We work hard to preserve and manage it for you.

We build bespoke portfolios to suit your personal goals and tax circumstances. And then keep them on track for you.

Tax mitigation and planning

Smart tax planning can make your money last longer and give you more options.

Tax saved is re-invested or goes straight into your pocket. Whatever gives you the best results.

Retirement planning

There are so many things to consider, it can be overwhelming.

  • Should I combine my various pension pots?
  • What charges do I pay?
  • Is my pension enough?
  • How do I get income from my investments?

And it’s not just financial decisions.

We help you gain clarity about:

  • Your vision for your retirement
  • The right time to retire
  • Whether work will still have a role
  • How family dynamics may change

We guide you through options and decisions.

Make sure your pensions and investments support your plans in the most tax efficient way.

IHT and estate planning

We help you to avoid paying a fortune in unnecessary tax. We manage your estate planning and IHT issues so more of your money is left to the people you care about.

Need another professional service for a specific issue? Perhaps legal or accounting advice?

Leave us to co-ordinate our extensive, trusted network of professional connections to provide what you need.

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